Diving into a digital marketing strategy without the right preparation is just like biking through the Peak District without a map or proper gear—risky and likely to end up in disappointment. This case studie is about how SerpWorks, with its profound expertise and innovative approach, boosted Peak Cycling Club’s online presence, leading to a 200% increase in membership subscriptions in just three months. Our collaboration with Peak Cycling Club showcases our skills in SaaS SEO, website structuring, and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), all tailored for the greatest impact and sustainable growth.

About the Club

Nestled near the scenic landscapes of Sheffield and the vast expanses of the Peak District, Peak Cycling Club encountered a difficult plateau in growing its membership. Despite offering top-tier experiences, their digital footprint failed to reflect this excellence, resulting in underwhelming online engagement and conversion rates.

Subscription Challenge

Our main challenges were twofold: boosting the club’s visibility in a crowded market and optimising the online user experience to convert interest into actual memberships. The existing website structure was not conducive to search engine discovery or user engagement, with conversion pathways that were unclear and cumbersome.

Our SEO Strategy

SerpWorks embarked on a comprehensive digital overhaul, focusing keenly on SaaS SEO principles and CRO. Here’s our approach:

  • Website Restructuring: Acknowledging the website as the cornerstone of the club’s digital identity, we initiated a structural revamp to make it more search engine friendly. This involved reorganising content, optimising site speed, and ensuring mobile responsiveness. The new structure aimed to provide clear, intuitive navigation paths for users, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.

  • Content Optimisation: We crafted engaging, value-driven content that resonated with the club’s target audience—cycling enthusiasts seeking a community and professional guidance. By integrating targeted keywords and leveraging SaaS SEO best practices, we ensured the content not only captivated the audience but also ranked prominently in search engine results.

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO): Our CRO strategy was meticulously tailored to guide visitors through a seamless conversion funnel. We introduced clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons, optimised landing pages, and streamlined the membership subscription process. This approach minimised friction points, making it easier for potential members to join the club.

  • Performance Tracking and Analytics: To measure success and iteratively improve our strategies, we implemented advanced analytics and performance tracking tools. This allowed us to monitor user behaviour, identify bottlenecks, and adjust our tactics in real-time for maximum impact.


The outcomes were remarkable. Within three months of implementing these strategic interventions, Peak Cycling Club witnessed a 200% surge in membership subscriptions. The website’s bounce rate significantly decreased, while the average session duration and conversion rates experienced substantial growth.

SerpWorks’ collaboration with Peak Cycling Club exemplifies how a strategic, data-driven approach to SaaS SEO and website optimisation can lead to exponential growth and success. By understanding the unique challenges and objectives of the club, we delivered tailored solutions that not only enhanced online visibility but also significantly improved user engagement and conversion rates. This case study stands as a testament to the power of expert SEO practices, innovative problem-solving, and a client-centric philosophy in driving sustainable growth and achieving remarkable results.